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Friday, July 22, 2016

Raspberry Pi - My Experiments with Raspberry Pi

Unless and until you are not living under a rock everybody knows what is a raspberry pi. It is a small embedded linux based computer(Yes it is a computer. Almost full blown computer with limitations)

The official site for the same is:

One can find list of all the available pi boards, communities, amazing projects, host your own project and many many many more things.

There is also a long list of OSes that one can install on raspberry many generic and some serving a specific purpose.

I am a control engineer i develop control firmware for a living. The raspberry pi has provided a lot of options for prototyping algorithms like never before. Here i am going to log all the things that i experiment with my Raspberry Pi. Some might be old, some new and some totally badass but its just a log a kind of memory.

I assume that you have a simple setup of Raspberry pi and a computer ready.
I will be using putty for communicating with my pi.

So in the label raspberry pi you can find my experiments with raspberry pi.

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