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Friday, March 2, 2018

200th Post: Lets set the goals for the future

Wow. Cant believe reached this landmark post. It is even difficult to believe that the blog survived for this long. So I must have done something right. 

I started this blog in around November 2010 just for fun and see what blogging actually is. It took a while for my blog to grow to this level where now i consistently get close to 15k views a month (not bad for a writer of my skill level). I started because I wanted to really learn embedded system and the best way to learn is to write about it. I believe that when you write about it you make sure that you are factually and technically correct. Cause once it is on the internet it is always on the interner. 

I have learned a lot more in past 4 years and would soon be sharing all the information. I have learnt about C2000 and C6000 architecture. I have programmed DSPs for Power Electronics applications especially for Power Converters. I have programmed MCUs for train. Have done a lot of fun stuff which has solidify my passion for engineering. Published papers and what not. 

On the professional front the volatility of my movement have slowed down and this year i have decided to revisit my roots and start consistent blogging again. A post per day I will. (Lol lets see how much that is possible.) Why am i even sharing this i dont think that anyone will read this. Anywho its my blog and i can write whatever i want. I am at a junction in professional front where i will need to think how i want to move forward and what i want to do professionally. I am hoping that  revisiting my root will give me a clarity. 

So let me set my goals from this day onward.
1 - Complete the Embedded System Podcast 10 episode series.
2 - Texas Instruments DSP Tutorials
3 - Continue with the M3 DSP Tutorials

Let see which of the three goals i achieve first. I got a writers block while doing the embedded system podcast. Hoping that will end soon. I have no clue how to best represent the idea and facts behind the architecture that i want to discuss on the podcast. Hopefully i will find something good and share it with the world.

Anywho Let me close this iconic 200th post which i never thought would happen. Best of luck to me.
Logging 2 March 2018 the 200th Post for this blog.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy.

PS: If you find this post cliche and not relevant. Well to bad for you cause this is my blog. Lol. Here is something you will probably enjoy. The piano playing cat. This was a fad way back in 2009.

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