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Monday, January 7, 2013

Converting Bitmap Image to Equivalent Header File(very simple tutorial))

A simple tutorial to convert bitmap images to equivalent header files. 
Few Points to know for best display of graphic.
1) Its a monochrome GLCD so image is going to be pixelised.
2) Display cannot be predicted if you directly convert color image to monochrome equivalent.
3) So go to photoshop first convert it to grayscale and see if its viable to display it in monochrome. If not then make suitabke changes in the photoshop and see output in monochrome first and then if your satisfied export as bitmap.
4) take the exported bitmap and follow the steps.

Choose an Image

Open FastLCD Standalone Application

Define your screen Size.

Open Grayscale image in bitmap container in the FastLCD.

Paste or Stretch the Image whichever looks best as image may not be proportional in size.

Make some adjustments if neccseary

Store as basic file.

While saving save basic files as .h format

This is how your file will look after export

Make changes as show on in first line and find &h and replace them with 0x.

This is how your file header file will look. Now its ready to be used in the program.

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