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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MicroController vs MicroProcessor

By microprocessor here I mean general purpose microprocessor like intels 8080,8085, 8086 80286, etc.
These microprocessors contains no RAM, no ROM and no I/O ports.

A system designer needs to add these items to microprocessor during its application. This makes the system bulkier and much more expensive. But provides the versatility such that designer can decide on amount of RAM, ROM and Ports to be added.

On the other hand microcintroller comes with a microprocessor plus a fixed amount of RAM, ROM and ports.  that cannot be changed at any point of time except during its manufacturing. These are ideal where cost and space are a critical thing.

Application like a simple TV remote do not need a computing power of a microprocessor. It just needs to read few signals and change few bits. COst is the major consideration here. Thats why micro controller is preffered over a microprocessor.

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